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Real Madrid goals Xing Yuan cheap nfl jerseys china and Chinese player to change jersey for the national football handsome Weapon

For Chinese players exchanged jerseys halftime acts, Pepe and Arbeloa said they would be happy to exchange for Chinese coaching problem, Real Madrid players think we should give a new coach more patience. As for the Super Bowl result, there is no reference to sex for the new season. For them to cheap nfl jerseys online say the league has the most significance, and then will meet with Barcelona twice, and each time we have the confidence to win for Barcelona preseason trends are somewhat concerned and worried about?

Pepe: attention, but do not worry. More concerned about their own status and Real Madrid this season, is ready to say that the strongest lineup in the history of Real Madrid, does not mean failure champion?

Pepe: This season is indeed very balanced lineup is very strong, to always ensure the best state, trying to win the honor, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to return the fans Arbeloa: I would agree with the arrival of defender Fabio Coentrao increasingly fierce competition, how to win starters and more playing opportunities?

Arbeloa: in a team like Real Madrid, the competition is always very intense, so the arrival of any player will not change. Coentrao is a great player, the new season will be hard training and competition and, as usual, to meet the competitive Chinese fans act crazy, and some gathered in the night next to the hotel, feeling how the trip to China?

Arbeloa: Here I would like to thank the enthusiasm and support of the Chinese fans, was impressed. In the Chinese feel very good atmosphere and hospitality, but also very pleased to China's outstanding team game, this will be an unforgettable experience that Real Madrid before the Super Bowl last match, the team competition with China adequate warm-up effect?

Pepe. We respect every opponent, to warm up the effect of the most important is the running team, play the training level, change their attitude, showing the best state trip to China, we always see Pepe and Marcel Luo, C Ronaldo, Fabio Coentrao and Jose Mourinho together. This is the club's arrangement it? Or you relatively well?

Pepe: I do not sit on it and Arbeloa (laughs) when I first came to Real Madrid and Marcelo good relationship, after C Ronaldo and Fabio Coentrao to join our off the court? good friends. Mourinho is our coach, he certainly should always contact the coach and players, passing instructions on how to evaluate this year's preseason? Last season and whether the increase?

Arbeloa: This season our team is more mature, the run is also very successful lineup, cheap nfl jerseys will continue the basic formation and structure of the season. We need to implement the coach's instructions, the state maintained a good training Pepe: Hengda last game we played great, we will continue to strive for good results in the new season to win strong ability Arbeloa assists , but the last game against rival did not get a lot of playing time, what are your expectations for the TEDA game?

Arbeloa: cheap nfl jerseys wholesale when equal opportunities for players, playing time is arranged by the coach. I'm sure tomorrow I'll play the game, as it depends on how much time will be the head coach of the arrangement, but as a player I certainly hope to have the most playing time this season, Real Madrid completed a number of important signings, but also exceptionally strong lineup, In the new season, Barca are more confident in the face?

Arbeloa: This season lineup is indeed more balanced and powerful, but also more and coaches the running perfect, we are very aware of his right cheap nfl jerseys from china to our expectations. We are confident the new season, hoping to get good results in the last game against rival game, at halftime with Chinese players asked for a shirt. If the next one Chinese players have the same requirements, you will react?